Title: Be Good Artist: Waxahatchee 4,749 plays

It’s unclear now what we intend.
We’re alone in our own world.
You don’t wanna be my boyfriend
and I don’t wanna be your girl.
And that, that’s a relief.
We’ll drink up our grief
and pine for summer
and we’ll buy beer to shotgun
and we’ll lay in the lawn
and we’ll be good.

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Feeling like loser and it’s wearin me out


San Francisco, day 1



With the LIX Pen, you can doodle in 3D.

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Don’t Call Me At All - Flatsound

And I remember the lines I thought that I’d forgotten. 
“Your only flaw is that you’re flawless.” 
I’m so full of shit, I’m surprised you bought it. 
But to say that I don’t care is more or less astounding,
because I wrote an entire album about us drowning. 
Wasn’t that enough? 

Now I’m haunted by all these holes found in my armor. 
And if my heart beats any harder I will lose it. 
Well congratulations, I didn’t know 
you two had made things so official.
Just don’t call me when it fizzles. 
In fact, don’t call me at all.

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Title: Ride [Acoustic] Artist: SoMo 17,071 plays

Music to have sex to


I need all of you

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Big Sur, CA



photo by: Hayden Molinarolo

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Title: The Good Times Are Killing Me Artist: Modest Mouse 5,085 plays


The Good Times Are Killing Me - Modest Mouse 

Get sucked in and stuck in late nights
with more folks that I don’t know
The good times are killing me

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she’s still sleeping…

From the book: LOVERS by Giulia Bersani

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Silent World, 2011

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